The first thing customers of Net-Tell LLC phone service notice is just how easy everything is to set up and start using. After it’s set up, customers often forget that they’re using the Internet for phone service, which is the key to providing low rates and Net-Tell LLC are among the lowest anywhere; certainly lower than most local phone company service rates.

In addition to a low, flat monthly rate for calls all over the U.S. and no one distance charges, Net-Tell LLC phone service includes many features that many local phone companies nickel-and-dime their customers with, by charging multiple fees for them. Among included features for all Net-Tell LLC customers are Caller ID service for all incoming calls and Caller ID blocking, which means you can choose who gets to see your number when you call them. It is also possible to have calls ring to your cell phone or another phone, like a work phone or an answering service phone, when you don’t want to answer. When you have Net-Tell LLC phone service, you’re in charge.
There is even more, however, since every customer with Net-Tell LLC service also receives access to one of the best voicemail systems anywhere. Perhaps you don’t care about getting great phone service. Maybe you really don’t care about saving hundreds of dollars a year on home telephone service. If you’re one of those, good luck to you. However, if you want great service and you want to save money, like most people, Net-Tell LLC is one of the best values anywhere.