The first thing many people notice with Net-Tell LLC phone service is that it is very easy to set up. The second thing they notice is that they use their phone the same as they ever did. They also notice that there is usually no difference in call quality over the phone company. They actually often forget that they’re using the Internet to route calls, instead of a traditional and expensive phone line. Then, they get the bill, and that is usually a reason to smile.

Once Net-Tell LLC is set up, you may forget that you’re no longer using the local phone company. In addition to low rates for unlimited calls, including no charges for domestic long distance, the service includes many features that many local phone companies charge extra for. Among the wide array of included features are Caller ID service for all incoming calls; Caller ID blocking, so that people can’t see your number when you call them. You can also push certain calls to your cell phone or another phone when you’re not at home. If that’s not enough, Net-Tell LLC service also includes one of the best voicemail systems in the world.